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With the Ultimate Publishing House all you require is a commitment of 1.5 hours of your time weekly for 8 weeks with our ghostwriters to write your book while preserving your tone & personality! Call or email us today! Let's get started on your legacy, your very own book!


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Get your book done in less than six months not 2 or 20 years! The Ultimate Publishing House – UPH is an international book publishing house specializing in non fiction, fiction and ebooks. Our comprehensive book publishing program is what makes us one of the best book publishers in the world! With offices located in USA, Canada & South Africa.
All our book publishing programs include:

* a mastermind session
*title and subtitle creation
*multiple streams of income creation
*personal project manager
*manuscript creation of 35K words
*professional ghostwriter
*five phases of editing
*media coaching
*printing and much more!

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Warren Buffet


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